REY is making a project of a new Showroom.

This space will be located in its headquarters and will offer its customers a suggestive tour through the entire range of REY products, in dialogue with the latest trends in fashion and clothing. This showroom is being designed according to the new vision of the future of the company that aims to make the brand play a more active and close role with the main players in the creative scene of the fashion industry, designers, design students, etc. .

Here you will also have an exhibition area in which you can see the latest news of the brand along with a representative sample of products made with KINGS. Next to the exhibition area, a co-work space is being projected as an atelier to be used as a collaborative area in which to promote co-creation and the development of new innovative ideas with our clients.

Also in this space will be located the new center of professional 3D printing of REY that has fast prototyping machinery of the latest technology from Stratasys, which will allow designers to explore the limits of their creativity.

This space is a clear bet of the REY brand to maintain an innovative attitude to address the new challenges of the fashion industry.

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