Samuel Gleiser

(1936 - 2017)

A whole life dedicated to innovate and concretize utopias

Last 2017 year left us Samuel Geiser, leader and engine of Corporación REY, which for 43 years took our company to the position of leadership that today holds.

Engineer Gleiser graduated from Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan, and Textile Engineering from the Georgia Insitute of Technology. He also received a Master in Management from the Massachusetts Technological Institute (MIT).

After a successful career with multinational companies such as Exxon, Ford and ITT, Engineer Gleiser assumes the general management of Reymatic SA in 1974. In 1998, Engineer Gleiser organizes the purchase of all the shares of the company, and with the merger of APX Industrial, creates Corporación REY SA

As Executive President, Engineer Gleiser converted REY into an export company, selling more than 60% of its production of closures in the Americas and Europe. He led the expansion to new segments such as jacquard elastics, ribbons and threads, positioning the company as the main supplier of accoutrements for the national textile industry.

Engineer Gleiser had two obsessions about quality, and innovation. To maintain the highest quality standard, ISO 9001 was implemented in all KE processes, and it was ensured that the products had the necessary certifications to compete globally, with certificates such as the OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

Thanks to Engineer Gleiser Corporación REY is a leader in technology, investing in the most modern machinery, implementing the SAP system throughout the company, as well as leading the exploration of new markets such as 3D printing.

For his great business work, as well as his recognized trade union work with the Chamber of Commerce of Lima, and his dedication to the industries and economy of Peru, Mr. Gleiser received from the President of the Republic the Order "The Sun of Peru" in the Degree of "Grand Cross".

Samuel Gleiser leaves us a great legacy of professionalism, work, and commitment to the country, which we, the members of Corporación REY, commit ourselves to continue.

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