Rey collaborates with designer Noe Bernacelli

As if from a fairy tale, his creations are wrapped in magic and delicacy. Worked to the millimeter, each piece presented by Noe Bernacelli is a true luxury and delights anyone who stops to admire it.

Noe decided to give a radical turn to his brand with his collection under the name of "727" this new proposal of the firm showed a collection of 27 outfit with tribal elements, as well as the use of new materials.

To this end, at REY we have collaborated closely with Noe for the customized production of the different accoutrements incorporated in their collection, such as our closures, Jacquard elastics, labels and complements made with 3D printing.

Noe is one of those designers who shares our philosophy as is the care for details and it is always gratifying to participate in their projects.

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